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french chandalier

chandelier mad

lumiere treasures

table lamps, standard lamps

chandeliers, wall lights

steel, glass, wood, brass



stoneware treasures

marble, carved alabaster

lumiere, serviceware, vases

nightstands, buffets

cast iron fire dogs

cast iron steel crazy

cast iron steel treasures

candelabra, cafe tables

fire dogs, wall lights


cafe cup duo pewter x12

euro cafe cups

cafe cup treasures

european espresso cups

singles, duos, trios

peltro and inox holders

art glass amber squirrel bowl

crystal glass craving

glass and crystal treasures

vases, bowls, plates

frosted, clear, coloured

vintage, nouveau, modern


pewter passion

pewter treasures

jugs, vases, bowls

display plates

extreme italian flair

copper jug

copper crazy

copper treasures

vases, jugs, bowls, scuttles

display plates, pots

hammered, combinations

italian ceramic woven lidded bowl

ceramic extreme

ceramic treasures

european the and cafe cups

pots, jugs, vases, bowls

extreme italian beauty


paper mache paradise

paper mache treasures

trays, trinket boxes, tables

light and colourful

vintage cool

inox stainless steel service

inox insane

inox stainless steel treasures

platters, bowls

serviceware, coasters

singles and sets

enameled brass

brass bent

brass treasures

vases, jugs, display plates

enamelled brass


dinnerset Limoges Peacock

dinnerware delights

dinnerware treasures

singles, sets, serviceware

limoges, capodimonte

royal, retro, classic

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